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May 05 2018

S dla niej wrocil
V od niej wyjechal
B dla niej zostal 

May 03 2018

I left.

Even if I was starving, don’t feed me with hope.

When do you know that you should quit doing something or stop being in a relationship? When do you know when you should let things go? When is the right time to leave?

Maybe, when all you have are your past memories. Maybe, when nothing moves forward and all you do is recall particular events. Maybe when you feel emotionally drained and your health condition keeps worsening as well. Maybe, when the things don’t bring any positive effects. Maybe, when you keep feeling scared, restless and anxious. Maybe, when your family and friends give you clear suggestions that something doesn’t work for you. Maybe when you don’t agree with them and maybe when you don’t agree with them so strongly that it leads you to a conflict with the closest ones. Maybe when it’s too many ‘maybes’.

I know it is hard to leave when you got used to something. I know that people would rather stay with things and in surroundings that they have already known. I know that it is easier when you are able to predict what will happen next. I know that future is scary and it is nice to have your old habits. I know. I also know that it is easier to be a conformist. Just consider the idea that feeding yourself with a hope that things will sort out in time can make more damage than good. Consider quiting. 

April 22 2018

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April 04 2018

Hi. I'm broken again and lonely again and sleepy again. 
God. I need another human being.
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March 23 2018

Dziś dwudziesty trzeci, jakby to miało znaczenie.

March 14 2018

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February 28 2018


me: I’m doing pretty well, I feel pretty good
me ten minutes later: not once in my life have I ever been ok

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February 27 2018

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